The Huddle Kitchen & Bar

Sunday 11 February, 2018

The Huddle Kitchen & Bar- Bolton Landing, NY 4 Stars
Bolton Landing, NY in the wintertime is a ghost town. Thick piles of snow line the streets and other than liquor stores just about everything is closed. Except, I might add the Huddle Kitchen and Bar. This quaint homey locale is open year round. What's amazing is not only that they are open but the quality and execution of the food they are serving in this down time is incredible.
I ordered a sirloin burger. Out came this fresh ground sirloin perfectly seasoned and exceptionally grilled medium on a soft bun that was toasted and grilled topped with a generous slice of cheese. The side was potato chips. Why chips you ask? They are homemade. I don't mean prepared days earlier and re-heated but fried to order delicious chunks of fried potato slices. Again, served seasoned. I try to drive this point across because most restaurants are lazy and serve bland food. They hand you a salt and pepper shaker and tell you to have at it. A true mark of a genius chef is one who prepares the food his way and serves it. The Huddle Kitchen does that. If you are ever upstate, Big Boy says give it a try.