The Monkey Bar

Monday 05 March, 2018

The Monkey Bar- Beachside Melbourne- 4 Stars
It took me two tries to review this restaurant. The first time we went the owner was tending bar and he suggested we come back because he was the only one cooking and he was not that good. THAT!!!!, is the type of honesty I respect. So, we had our drinks and decided to come back another night.
Upon our return, we were treated to what I can only say was a textbook performance in food service. The service staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They kept a witty repartee going with us as well as the other patrons.
After perusing the menu I elected to try the "Not Your Typical Burger." This Burger was hand patted and grilled perfectly. They toasted the bun. Again, this shows a caring desire to provide quality food. The burger is topped with romaine lettuce and a slab of goat cheese. Let me tell you this burger is great. The drinks are strong, the care is there. Big Boy says give it a try.