The Nomad Cafe

Friday 13 January, 2017

The primary reason for dining out is to have a fulfilling happy enjoyable time. The Nomad Cafe claims locally sourced ingredients. The ambiance is truly modern and comfortable. Tastefully decorated. The tables are perfectly spaced. The bar is up to date and the wine list is well sourced. Our server this evening is Matt. Matt is a local favorite with a huge following. He understands the menu, can answer any question and is the real gem of this establishment. We ordered pan fried calamari, duck confit fries and Caeser salad.
The Calamari was cooked exceptionally well. The side au jus was flavorful and added a bang. The duck fries tasted like they had been made last week and popped in the microwave. Not pleasant. The Caeser salad dressing was creamy and a true joy. It was made without anchovies so I asked for anchovies which really kicked the flavor up a notch. For my main course I ordered shrimp and grits. I have had some form of this meal in 20 different locations. I can tell you these were the worst. The grits were instant and enough water was not added so they were inedible. The Shrimp were not fresh but frozen. The sauce was adequate. Shrink the menu and use the alleged locally sourced items you claim. Oh yeah and keep Matt.