The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co

Friday 06 January, 2017

Brooklyn Water Bagel- Vero Beach 4 stars. In my home county all of the bagel slingers buy their wares from the same bagel distributor and no one makes their own. Here in a new strip center north of Vero Beach lies this amazing flavored, made on the premises bagel. You even get to view the prep area. Even still I thought meh it's just a bagel. Well let me tell you this is WAY more than just a bagel. This is the greatest bagel I have ever consumed.
I ordered the Plain bagel with nova lox and a whole wheat bagel with plain cream cheese. These bagels were airy and light. They also were crisp and fresh. I mean FRESH. The lox was real not the processed muck they serve you elsewhere. The cream cheese was light fluffy and full of flavor. Truly an enjoyable treat.
Now, let me tell you they serve more than bagels. I ordered a tuna melt on white for later. The bread was grilled and the tuna was prepared by hand not a pre-made glob. I was very impressed. The only negative is this place is dingy and the service is below average. I still give it a strong 4 stars. If you are in Indian River County give em a try. Tell em the Big Boy sent you.