The Roots Restaurant Tavern

Thursday 09 February, 2017

For two weeks I have been sitting on this review. The reason is because I have been waiting on a moment of clarity from the owner/cook. 2 weeks ago my daughter and I ventured into this well decorated hovel. Poor service and eternal optimism gave way to a horror show unparalleled in my food existence. I ordered eggs and bacon as normal. Aj ordered pancakes. The server apparently placed an order for biscuits and gravy. Her excuse was both buttons were very close together. I explained our hatred for Sysco Drek products. Once I did this 6' 5" goon came to our table and intimidated us to acquiesce and accept the nary fact his biscuits were home made. The reality is the biscuits he served were not made by the goon. Rather, they were pre-prepared Sysco/ no more crap food