The Salty Fox

Thursday 10 May, 2018

The Salty Fox- Downtown Eau Gallie- 5 Stars
My gnosis of good food is occasionally challenged by a small cadre of followers who enjoy cheap tasteless food. To wit: Subway, Jimmy John's or Jersey Mikes. I am proud to say I know good food when I find it. It is not hard to prepare original flavorful food. The rub? You have to care about what you serve. The ladies who own the Salty Fox pull this off fantastically. The bad first: This is a noisy pub in the Eau Gallie Arts District and the blaring music and less than stellar service by Stephanie will frustrate some of my followers. However, if you are patient and work with the system, you will find some original dishes, old dishes with a new spin, and a giant selection of craft (I hate that term personally) beer.
I started off with Thai chicken noodle soup. When I hear names of things you do not normally associate together I think of the fragrance "Lime Basil & Mandarin," which is a unique scent I always fall hard for. The Thai Chicken soup is an old time chicken soup with a Thai spiced broth and noodles that really sings in your mouth. This was a special--not on the regular menu--and it was good. A menu item that piqued my interest was the lazy deviled eggs. These are hard boiled eggs topped with bacon and a homemade hot sauce that grabbed me with the first bite and refused to let go. They were flavorful and executed with precision. I also ordered the tuna melt. This was a traditional melt yet it was seasoned with a kick in the tookus. Fresh lettuce and tomato go along for the ride.
The Big Boy really enjoyed this divey gastropub to the fullest extent possible. Great time, great food. Give it a go.