Tree Of Life Cuban Bakery

Wednesday 13 December, 2017

Upbeat review!!!!! I traveled to the Bay to start trying restaurants in the area. I figure huge Spanish population let's try a Latin place. I pulled up to the Tree Of Life Bakery and Cafe situated in a strip plaza with a gas station. The outside did not adumbrate the joys awaiting you inside.
The only warning I have is not a single person working here speaks English so you are on your own if you have questions and don't speak Spanish. The menu is in English.
I ordered the guava pastry, the Cuban toast with ham and cheese and a cappuccino.
As a side note the interior of this restaurant is dingy and unappealing but it is worth it.
The cappuccino was blended with skill. They have a machine to rival anything I have seen at a chain coffee house. The guava pastry was light and flaky. The filling was not just some guava jelly wedged in but a handmade filling tucked lovingly inside. The Cuban toast is not "toast" as Americans view toast but a puffy homemade bread with standard ham and cheese. The food here is above average and I can safely recommend you give it a try.