Vernick Food & Drink

Thursday 08 February, 2018

Vernick Food & Drink- Philadelphia, Pa. 5 Stars
As we drive north on Christmas Eve I felt a stop in the City of Brotherly Love was appropriate. It was not easy to reserve a fine dining adventure. Vernick could get us in at 11:00pm. I took it because I know how highly regarded this locale is. As we were driving I called and asked if there had been any cancellations. Lucky for me there was. 6:30pm. With a nine year old in tow it was much better.
So we get to the restaurant and it's very small but packed to the rafters with people. This to me is always a good sign. All of the tables were very close together. However, being in an establishment like this you never have to worry. Everyone was dressed up and professional. They only downside to this review is it was too dark inside for me to snap pics of the food. I took them but they did not come out well.
On to the substance of the experience. The drink menu is easily the coolest array of cocktails I have ever experienced. I started with the House Old Fashioned. A perfect balance of flavors between the bourbon, the butters and the Demerara sugar. My second drink was the Deshler a fine combination of top shelf rye whiskey, dubonnet and dry curaƧao. If we were staying in town a few days I would have had more.
As I perused the menu I began to wonder why restaurants with a diverse menu like Vernicks do not exist in my neck of the woods. Anyway, I started with fluke served sashimi style in a light piquant broth. The fluke was so fresh it was still moving on my plate. This was my first foray with fluke and it was way worth it. The adventure continued with veal sweetbreads. This organ was so juicy and tender. The sauce was decadent and smooth. I wrapped up with the venison. I have consumed venison over 20 times in my life. Every single time I always got a gamey note at the end. The Vernick venison was sans that note. How they did it I do not know. My daughter who is finicky tried it and thought it was filet mignon. After finishing the meal, we went to exit and the hostess was handing out packs of fresh baked chocolate fudge cookies. Thoroughly amazing. Big Boy rates this number 1 in the country.