Villa Palma at the Village

Monday 21 February, 2022

Villa Palma At The Village- Cocoa Village, FL- 5 Stars


"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again." - G. Miller

Cuizine sat atop the leader board for 18 solid months. While Cuizine now moves down to 2nd place they are still a fantastic restaurant.

Looking down at my random name generator, I pressed search and held my breath. I don't know what I was in the mood for, but I know I wanted good food so I crossed my fingers and glanced down. My eyes were greeted with the name of Villa Palma, an Italian restaurant in Cocoa Village. Always in the mood for some Italian food, I mounted up and headed up North.
According to their website, the family behind this grub-shack, The Mazzella family, is originally from Naples, Italy by way of Long Island, NY. They moved to our wonderful slice of paradise in search of a location to raise a family and follow their dream of opening a restaurant. After 31 years of resounding success at their beachside location, their son, Frank, decided to expand the name by opening a second location in Cocoa Village...and here we are. To be clear this review does NOT apply to the Indialantic location.

If the Big Boy took into account setting, this place would automatically be at the top of the list as the interior was absolutely beautiful. They turned the inside of the old State Attorney's office into a haven of class and eloquence. Forcing my gaze from the d├ęcor, I followed the hostess to my table and began to peruse the menu and what a menu it was. From straightforward comforting Italian recipes to unique specials with a modern twist, this menu had it all.

My waitress for this gastronomical journey approached and introduced herself as Megan. With live piano music in the background, I gave Megan my order for Cioppino, Filet Marsala, Fettuccine Alfredo, and one order of Stracciatella Egg Drop Soup accompanied by a Caesar Salad.

This soup is the best soup I've ever had. The eggs and spinach combine to unctuously flatter my tongue. The broth is smooth and joyful on the palate. I truly savored this dish. Absolutely fantastic.

The Caesar Salad is outstanding. It's not going to win any awards, but the dressing was above average for sure.
Cioppino is a delicate dish. It also is my second go to. If you have Cioppino you better bring it. Paul Brouard is the executive chef. He combines fresh ingredients with an intricate panapoly of seasoning.
The Filet Marsala cooked medium rare meshed the meaty thick bite of meat with a graceful Marsala that brought tears to my eyes.
Finally... Fettucine Alfredo. This dish is about cream. Heavy cream. I guarantee you have never eaten Alfredo like this. Thick, rich and opulent 5-star gourmet.

The Big Boy says, "If you're in the mood for a wondrous food journey into the region around Naples, Italy, Villa Palma is the destination for you!"