Villa Palma Ristorante

Thursday 21 September, 2017

For 25 plus years Pepe has been turning out high quality meals from this quaint and unassuming location. Whether you order veal parm or a simple Fettuccine Alfredo you will receive the same high quality well thought out meal every single time.
What makes this haunt so much better than the other 300 other Italian restaurants in the tri-county area? Simple:
Great fresh ingredients; well thought out menu; a commitment to delivering a flavorful meal every single day without question.
Today we ordered Chicken Parm, eggplant rollitini and Alfredo. The food was seasoned properly. The recipes were followed to the T.
Loads of places will promise a well seasoned meal but rarely deliver. Most places will combine the ingredients and let you Season to taste. Not Pepe. He makes the right flavor decisions based on his massive experience. This gives you a panoply of options