Waffle House

Saturday 19 June, 2021

"It's 2:00 and the bars are all closed, I must have shut em all down by the shape I'm in." - G. Jones

Walking into the immaculately clean Waffle House on Eau Gallie Blvd in Melbourne, Florida I was immediately transported back to my youth in the 1970s. Taking family vacations on the interstate highway system back then meant a Waffle House at practically every exit. They were everywhere. I swear it still smelled the same. They are still open 24 hours. Of course, back then, they were mostly filled with professional truck drivers, truck stop "gals", stale cigarette smoke, and drunks having just closed the local saloon, so it was nice to see some things have changed for the better!

The layout is the same as it was with an open kitchen. I like being able to glance in and see what is transpiring on the grill. It can either fill me with anticipation or dread. In this case, it was anticipation as I watched their kitchen masters do their thing. My server was Janine and she was on the ball and outstanding in every regard a server can be measured. Thank you, Janine! I placed an order with her for two eggs, smothered, covered & chunked hash browns, bacon and waffles (I mean, they are the Waffle House after all!).

As you can see by the pictures, the eggs were a perfect over medium, the hash browns were golden, and...oh, forget it. Who cares? It's after bar close, they are open and it's fine! As far as open 24 hours "greasy spoons" and "choke and pukes" that line American highways and byways, Waffle House is hands down the best of the lot.

The Big Boy says, "any time of day you want some good Americana diner-type grub sans stale cigarette smoke, try the Waffle House"!