Wid’s Place

Sunday 20 February, 2022

Wid's Place- Eau Gallie, FL- 3 Stars

Today I found myself in Eau Gallie, where hit upon an old hang out, Lenny's Pub. Lenny's had been here for 40 years and back when the drinking age was 18 we would come here to get drunk and play pool.

Funny story, the only game of pool I ever won was here against a guy with one eye. I know the only reason I won that game is that he lacked depth perception. According to the signage, it had changed hands and was now known as Wid's Place. I don't know what happened to Lenny or who this Wid is, but I thought we would check them out.

The new digs were certainly not put together with any amount of recherche, though it was done with casual elegance and obvious panache. It was clean with friendly and welcoming employees. Amy is the bartender/waitress/cook today and she is a great addition to this bar as she was charming, proficient and dare I say, wid it...

After having been shown to a table, we looked over the menu. There were not any surprises here, just your typical pub grub. Upon Amy's return, I ordered two fingers of Inver House, your basic bar scotch that everyone uses, one Fat Boy Burger (medium-rare) and a bacon-wrapped hot dog. As Amy cruised on back to work on my order I spent some time reminiscing about my youth at Lenny's (good times).

The drink was weak, perhaps too much ice. The Fat Boy, as can be seen by the pictures, was not only made in the back from freshly ground beef but it was grilled to a perfect medium-rare (again, something a lot of places can't or won't do). The onion is fresh and tasty, however, the tomato had seen much better days causing me to eject the bite from my mouth. The burger by itself is an easy 4.5 stars (but, seriously, that tomato was horrid on the palate and mealy in the mouth).

The Hot Dog was a Jumbo Angus variety and while the dog and bacon were cooked to perfection, the bun was past its prime (maybe it was hanging out with the tomato?) bringing the dish down a bit.

The Big Boy says, "When in the area and looking for some typical pub food in a friendly environment, you could do much worse than Wid's Place." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout