Yellow Dog Cafe

Sunday 20 February, 2022

Nestled up to the Indian River in Malabar sits the local icon, Yellow Dog Cafe. A staple of the Malabar area for 23 years and counting. One has to wonder what these walls would say if they could talk. I have been here before but wanted to do a post-Covid redo to see how they pulled through the lockdown.

Upon entering I noticed it was still the same cheerful place with stunning views all around. After being lead to a table and given menus, I continued to be in awe of the view and realized I had been lax in perusing the menu and so got right to work. As one can see from the pictures, it certainly had great depth for a lunch menu. Our server soon appeared and introduced herself as Shalli. Remember what I said recently about wait staff with sour attitudes (you want to eat there)? Well, Shalli certainly had "I don't want to be here" airs coming off as she took our order.

I placed an order for the Homemade Potato Chips Appetizer along with one of the Escargot variety and the Lunch Special of the day, the Beef Tenderloin. The unsweetened tea was from a fountain, so that was a hard pass from me. We are in Florida, people. Make fresh tea!

The Potato chips were made fresh to order and came with a delectably luscious bleu cheese dip that was both creamy and tangy. The Escargot was in a homemade pastry puff that was a delight on the palate while the Escargot were tender, lemony and buttery.

I am always hesitant to order specials as I assume the protein is leftover from the previous evening. As soon as Shalli set it down and I took one glance at it I just knew it wasn't going to be good. Well, as we all know, looks can be deceiving and this was amazingly flavorful and well seasoned. The beef was firm and coarse as it rumbled around my palate. This was more comfort food than "fine" dining, and that's OK in my book.

The Escargot was hands down the best I ever had and while the potato chips were 5 stars I found the entree to be only 3 stars, hence the 4-star overall rating. Stuart and Nancy Borton are the owners here and they have never, ever skimped on quality. I may have had a 4-star experience today, but I know this is a 5 -star all-day everyday kind of place.

The Big Boy says, "For spectacular river views and mouthwatering eats, stop in the Yellow Dog Cafe. Your taste buds will thank you!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout